History of AISA

The African Interdisciplinary Studies Association (AISA) was founded in 1995 as a scholarly professional forum for exchanging research findings and dissemination about the African continent. The association developed out of the scholarly vacuum in Africa in general and East Africa in particular where there were not many opportunities for scholars to meet and exchange ideas, especially their research findings. Many professional associations in Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America were beyond reach for demanding exorbitant membership’s fees and using unclear and unfair peer review processes in selecting paper presenters, as well as publication process. Africans needed a forum of their own in which they understood rules of selection of paper presenters. AISA emerged against, and in some ways in response to, the Continent’s complex colonial and racial dynamics and, in its development, reflects the substantial challenges that interdisciplinary research and teaching encounters.

AISA organises many activities annually: seminars, colloquia, workshops, symposia and conferences. The activities take place in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. There are plans to expand these activities to include other countries in Africa. These activities promote mentoring of junior scholars. AISA encourages partnerships and co-authoring of papers between junior and senior scholars. AISA understands that it is only through such partnerships that grounded academic initiatives can be created and developed. The climax of AISA activities is the annual international interdisciplinary conference held in the month of June and which brings together about 1000 participants. The call for papers usually goes out around June for a conference taking place the following year.

  1. To locate Africa at the centre of creation and production of knowledge, by Africans and for Africa and the rest of the world through interdisciplinary approach
  2. To support interdisciplinary scholarly, scientific and research work in or about Africa in all disciplines and persuasions.
  3. To encourage, promote and facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and dialogue through exchange of ideas and meaningful discussion among groups and/or persons engaged in scholarly, scientific, and research on Arica.
  4. To support and facilitate the dissemination of information, publications, and other scholarly works on Africa  
  5. To organize seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences on Africa.
  6. To participate in other activities decided by members and which promote legal scholarly activities

The mission of AISA journals is to bring together contributions from al disciplines. The journals provide forum and platform through which scholars initiate dialogue among their peers and mentees. They allow contributors from various disciplines to share wide range of approaches and provide critical examination of research from all fields of study. The journals accept contributions from all fields and academic realms such as geography, history, political science, sociology, education, development and range across ethnographic inquiry, case studies, descriptive and survey research, philosophical reflection and historical investigation. The journals provide opportunity for scholarship that locates itself, simultaneously, in national, regional and global contexts.

Formally, AISA was established in 1995 at the national conference of the Organization of Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA) at Kitale, Kenya and activities of Association of World Education (AWE) in Eldoret, Kenya. The organization, guided by its founders Maurice N. Amutabi, Mwangi wa Githumo, Kenneth Simala, Ruth Otunga, Eunice Kamara, Edmond Maloba Were, Everlyne Kawango Agot, Fibian Lukalo, Dani Nabudere, Frederick Nafukho Muyia, came into being as a forum of exchange of ideas outside OSSREA and AWE.  Its founders felt the need for an association that would devote itself to the issues of interdisciplinary research because none of the existing associations in the region paid particular attention to the issues of interdisciplinary research and teaching.

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